The Benefits of Outsourcing

Cost advantages:

Countries like India has a major resource of young skilled manpower and the cost of living being lower compared to other high-cost countries like Australia, UK, USA, the overall cost of such skilled manpower remains much lower. Due to this, outsourcing Companies can afford to offer services at much lower cost compared to getting it done from local resources.
Thus this is considered as the first incentive to outsource.

Core Activities focused increasing your efficiency:

Since the day to day, task takes lots of time of human resources locally; Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core activities and day t day tasks are taken care by the Outsourcing Companies. Having stated this it is obvious that this will increase efficiency and productivity levels of your team.

Reduce your Capex:

Through outsourcing major tasks you need not require same infrastructure, information technology setup and software. This will dramatically reduce your capital expenditure over a period of time allowing you to invest your fund in your long term goals of Business Development.
At the time you can grow in multiples as you are settled well with the outsourcing partners.

Advantage of Time Zone:

Whilst you handover your work at late noon, you come back next day, your work is ready to deliver to your end clients; seems to be fantastic. This is due to timing difference between the two countries. This saves your time and money in many ways. This also reflects in efficiency of your work to your end clients. Most of the outsourcing companies work in night shift as well and tries to complete work well before time and that can be leveraged well by you.

Less TAT:

Outsourcing Companies work for many clients and they are highly experienced to deliver work in much less Turnaround time. Time is money which reflected through outsourcing very well. You can cater more clients in less time as your outsourcing company takes care of your activities.

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