Payroll Processing Services

For your Singapore payroll needs and queries, get in touch with NCS. We, at NCS, offer comprehensive Singapore payroll services that are unique. Is an in-house Singapore payroll department eating away into your time and money? Perhaps you need help of Singapore payroll services provider firm. Outsourcing the non-core tasks to a payroll services in Singapore will help you concentrate better on your core competencies. Payroll services Singapore use latest software for accurate payroll processing.


Payroll Processing

  • Disbursement of correct salary to the employee via online transfer, cash or cheque
  • Ensure compliance to the laws pertaining to CPF, SDL and other statutory donations
  • Ensure timely submission of CPF and other legal payroll Singapore related documents

Tracking Salary Increment

  • Timely updation of tedious and time-consuming salary variation data is an important part of our Singapore payroll service
  • Ability to edit the payroll data quickly as per the changes in the salary of the employees
  • Exhaustive Singapore payroll data back-up ensures peace of mind

Allowance and Deduction Management

  • Calculation of correct salary, after including all the allowances and deductions
  • Computing the salary for new joiners and resigned employees based upon the number of working days registered by them
  • Singapore payroll service takes away the laborious task of data gathering and computing

Employee Information Tracking and Maintenance

  • We will assist in tracking and maintaining data and movements of your employees.
  • As a part of our Singapore payroll services, we cipher the exact amount of salary to be disbursed, when the employee has moved to other location, locally or internationally

Calculating Variables

  • We will help in calculating monthly overtime, shift hours and commissions payable to your employees.
  • Payroll services in Singapore helps to gather precise variables and calculation of accurate salary
  • Adjustments made to the tax deductions based on the investments done by the employee
  • Provision for including maternity, sabbatical, annual and balance leave calculations

Report Preparation

  • Preparing monthly payroll reports
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) reports
  • We also perform special bonus runs and prepare tax forms, wherever applicable, for IRAS submission.




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