FTE Engagement Model

Hire a Full-Time Employee (FTE) & get a free trial for 40 hrs / 1 week

NCS is Accounting and Finance firm in UAE. The Company provides Back office services from India. All the work done is by qualified accountants and is monitored by qualified and experienced CA and CPA’s. NCS thoroughly follows the standard practice of UAE.

Full-Time Employee (FTE)

A full-time employee is a term used to describe one (or more) team members whose combined work hours in a week equal the total number of hours that a business considers full time.

Full-time Dedicated Staff

NCS recruits suitable candidates for the required role; put them through an extensive induction program. NCS ensures extensive training to employees with respect to Bookkeeping & Accounting, Taxation, Preparation of Tax related Returns and other related stuffs including communication skills. NCS also provides extensive knowledge of various Bookkeeping / Taxation / Other relevant software to the employees.

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