Year End Accounts Preparation

Your annual accounts also called as ‘statutory accounts’ are required to be prepared every year are becoming increasingly difficult considering their high administrative and clerical work. At times it becomes difficult to meet deadlines due to high volume of work. To cope up with the high volume of work and manage it well in time, best option is to outsource such services. Outsourcing Year end Accounts Prepration not only saves client’s money but also gives him more time to invest in his core business activities.

NCS is having a team of CA, ACCA and CPAs to look after Year End Accounts. All the work done is again reviewed by qualified ACCA and ensures that end client is happy with the services NCS provides. NCS has software acquaintance of all the Software being used by ACCA and Bookkeepers.

NCS will prepare all your Year End Accounts for:

  • To send it to Share holders
  • To present Company’s general meetings
  • Companies House
  • HMRC as a part of company Tax Return

Year End Accounts Preparation Services Includes:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Notes to the Accounts
  • Director’s Report
  • Tax Returns

Accounting Standard we use to prepare Final Accounts:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • New UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (New UK GAAP)


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