Data Entry

NCS is team of qualified accountants and other professionals carrying out various outsourcing support shared services. Data Entry and analysis is one of the services being provided by NCS. NCS team understands that in today’s time data management is critical. More so especially when it requires to process such data in other forms or derive certain other reports from such data; it may not be cost effective in the countries like USA as apart from manpower costs, infrastructure cost is also very high.

NCS therefore has developed a team which is capable of error free Data-Entry and Data Management. This team has experience of handling large data, analyzing same and entering such data where it is required to be entered. NCS being in India has cost advantage as the manpower cost and infrastructure cost is comparatively much lower than USA; apart from this NCS has advantage of handling such mass data. This it empowers clients to reduce costs of manpower and infrastructure; allowing you to develop your business using such resources saved through NCS.

NCS has multi layered team to ensure quality check and effective turnaround time; has experience of working on various types of software. It’s dedicated team and managers are ready to ensure work is delivered without error.

NCS team understands business requirement of all industry and capable of Data Analysis; this data reports are eventually used in timely decision making for the benefit of business.


Skilled and Experienced Data Entry Professionals

The data entry professionals at NCS are not only in fast and accurate, but also has a good understanding of multiple industries. NCS has a certified team of data entry professionals providing unique data entry service to support varied industries with varied complexities.

Guaranteed Connectivity

Connectivity plays a vital role in data entry services and at NCS, we utilize 20mbps Internet leased lines from multiple service providers to ensure seamless flow of data 24/7.

Data Security and Confidentiality

At NCS, we ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your files. We use Dropbox to transfer to ensure data security. Additionally, we maintain backup of all files for easy retrieval of information in case of data loss.

Swift Turnaround

The data entry professionals at NCS continuously strive to achieve customer satisfaction through swift delivery of projects. We provide overnight delivery as well. Send us your project at the end of your working day. Our team will work on your project and send you the completed files by the start of your next working day. The turnaround time, however, may change based on the complexity of your project.

High Quality Services

The Quality Assurance (QA) team at NCS performs multiple quality checks to ensure that all data entry projects meet the client’s expected quality standards and have an accuracy level of more than 99%.


At NCS, our pricing structure is specially designed to suit the budget of our clients. Experience a minimum of 70% cost savings. Our rates are transparent and are based on “per project” and “per hour”. We also provide FTE (full-time equivalent) rates.


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